My name is Victoria Ioudina (born on 30th July 1999 in Barcelona) and I am an interdisciplinary artist. I am graduated in cinematography and my interests are video art, art installation and performance.

I am interested in unconventional formats within the audiovisual area, for which reason I participated as a producer in the final degree project of the college entitled ‘’The Deaf Cry of Trees’’ (short film), filmed in vertical format.

During 2020 until the expiration of the year 2022, I carried out my first work entitled ‘’Hitomi’’, a hybrid between short film and video art that is projected inside an art installation. The project was exhibited at the Lab 36 art gallery from Barcelona and it has participated in the Loop Barcelona Festival, within the City Screen section. At the same time, Hitomi also took part in the Barcelona Philosophy Festival.

From now on, I would to continue exploring new methods, codes and languages of artistic video, through projects that move away from traditional cinema and stand for total freedom of expression.